Every month we have an exhibition that can be visited for free. We want the Jazz cafe to be a place of art, where artists have the opportunity to exhibit their works without any economic constraints, thus also facilitating the relationship with buyers through the direct sale of the works exhibited in the restaurant.

Here you can find information on the artist who is currently exhibiting and photos of all the paintings that can currently be visited in the restaurant.


Luisa Valeriani - Personal Exhibition
Paintings exhibition on display at the Jazz Café Roma from 1th october 2023

Luisa Valeriani was born in Rome in 1981. Always inspired by the ways of German Romantics, gold, elegant Art Nouveau lines, and Symbolists, Luisa Valeriani interprets her personal artistic language through the psychological correlations of neo-figurative informal art.

“A self-taught artist,” at the age of 22, she gained the approval and significant recognition of the academic establishment with a solo exhibition held at the Contempo-Rarity Art Gallery in Rome, replicating the success of her first individual exhibition staged as a teenager.

The favor of critics during the first decade of the 2000s opened the doors to a series of exhibition projects, not least of which, in terms of importance and visibility, was the exhibition with the circle of “100 Artists of Via Margutta” at Ponte Milvio. Public recognition, along with a following of collectors and enthusiasts of her work, encouraged Luisa Valeriani to embark on a cycle of dreamlike-expressionist works that go beyond the references and quotations that enrich her growth and research.

Starting in 2016, she participated in various art awards and contests, including the “Premio Art-e Veroli” (2016) and the “Premio Art-e, Passione e Arte” (2020), showcased at the MACO – Museo di Arte Contemporanea – in Veroli (FR).

The year 2021 represents a turning point in Luisa Valeriani’s artistic register, with the launch of exhibition projects: participation in the group exhibition “The Woman” and the “Premio Internazionale Dante Alighieri. Purgatorio” (Galleria Area Contesa Arte, on Via Margutta in Rome) are indicative of this phase. The solo exhibition “Mutato nomine. Nella favola si parla di te,” at MUEF Art Gallery in Rome, solidifies her operational consistency and chromatic appeal, marking her as one of the most interesting figures in the new Roman art scene. In December, Luisa Valeriani’s art transcends the borders of Italy and is exhibited in Greece at the Domus Art Gallery in the group exhibition “Matter in Motion.”

In the same year, Luisa Valeriani introduced photography as a means of figurative support in her work, adding material elements that allow for a layered reading in the creative process. She is recognized among the “2022 Emerging Artists to Invest In/2021” published by Exibart and included in the third volume of “Atlante dell’Arte Contemporanea De Agostini” in 2021 for outstanding achievements in the field of Fine Arts.

In 2022, she is featured in the Catalogo dell’arte moderna (Vol.58) published by Giorgio Mondadori, exhibits at Contemporanea Portofino (Castello Brown – Portofino), in the group exhibitions Freedomart and I have a dream (MA-EC Gallery – Milan), and participates in RomeArtWeek22, in addition to creating a new solo exhibition, SNAPSHOTS (SpazioLightsky – Rome).

Since 2023, she has been collaborating with the Borgo Pio Art Gallery in Rome, where she exhibits regularly.

She lives, paints, and works in Rome.


Instagram: luisavaleriani_art

Curated by Mario Tacinelli.