Every month we have an exhibition that can be visited for free. We want the Jazz cafe to be a place of art, where artists have the opportunity to exhibit their works without any economic constraints, thus also facilitating the relationship with buyers through the direct sale of the works exhibited in the restaurant.

Here you can find information on the artist who is currently exhibiting and photos of all the paintings that can currently be visited in the restaurant.


Vanessa D'Antonio (D'AV) - Personal Exhibition
Paintings exhibition on display at the Jazz Café Roma from 1th March 2023

D’Antonio Vanessa, aka D’AV, is a Roman painter graduated from the Art Institute and the “Comics” – school of comics, and subsequently graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. She has exhibited in various collective and personal exhibitions with her style “Coriander”, the result of her personal pictorial research. She works at her studio “D’AV Spazio Arte” where she also teaches with courses dedicated to adults and children. In addition to selling her own works, she works on commissions of any pictorial genre and format.

Pictorial study: Via Agostino Magliani 43

Mobile: +39 – 3805235225

Instagram: d_av_artist

Edited by Mario Tacinelli