Every month we have an exhibition that can be visited for free. We want the Jazz cafe to be a place of art, where artists have the opportunity to exhibit their works without any economic constraints, thus also facilitating the relationship with buyers through the direct sale of the works exhibited in the restaurant.

Here you can find information on the artist who is currently exhibiting and photos of all the paintings that can currently be visited in the restaurant.


Ettore Comi - "From Saint Moriz to Rome"
Photographic exhibition on display at the Jazz Café Roma from 12th December 2022

A tribute to two places that have always “kidnapped” the heart and the mind by the artist Ettore Comi, Author-Director.
The first, Saint Moritz, a place of origin, not direct but close by, the second, Rome, a place of study, joy, human and professional growth.
Both full of beauty, charm and historicity. Saint Moritz, beacon of the international holiday Jet Set, mostly winter and dominant place of the Engadine valley together with the less renowned but equally well known: Pontresina, Zuoz, Sils Maria and others.
Places so dear to the artist that he set a novel there, Mistero al lago di Staz (Lake Staz Mystery), which was so successful that he was preparing the film.
A photographic exhibition that saw him as a guest of the Galerié Manuela Gadient (Zuoz-Zurich) and in the Bps Suisse salons in Saint Moritz, as well as at the Swiss Embassy in Rome.
An exhibition that contained previously unseen features and views of the Engadine and in particular of the little red train which reaches Saint Moritz through a mountain landscape of indisputable beauty and spectacularity.
A sort of travel vision by the protagonist of the novel, a criminologist, almost bewildered by the power of the landscapes.
A journey that will then take the artist to Rome, where, with equal love, he lets iconic destinations be read through the bright eyes of the protagonist of a novel, Immortal Lives (Mursia), and of a forthcoming film that the artist has decided to subtract from Milan, the place of setting of the novel to give it new life in Rome among the spectacular beauties and mysteries of the Vatican.
Author photographs, light and subtle but certainly rich in visual wisdom and timeless charm.
Edited by Mario Tacinelli