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The Jazz Cafe is …
A restaurant offering excellent Roman dishes, but also international ones with a wide choice that satisfies every palate: fish, meat, vegetarian and gluten free. The cocktail proposal is very interesting: our barman knows how to satisfy every request.
A place of music and entertainment where guests can listen to a musical repertoire that ranges from Jazz, to Soul, R&B, Swing but also acoustic and electronic. Find our updated artistic programming on our social channels and our website!
An art gallery, where contemporary and pop artists can find an alternative exhibition venue. Where they can let a large audience appreciate your works.
A unique experience… Obviously in the wonderful setting of Piazza Navona!

Live Music

Music Show

We have amazing talented artist every week performing from Jazz to blues, Swing to Bossa, R&B  To Black Soul, Funky and Pop.
All the our Artist works in Tv shows, Radio, Orchestras or they are often very well known in the music industry.

we also generally host major events with international music and tv stars.

live music stars at 9.00 pm till 11.30 pm , from Tuesday to Sunday.

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Via Zanardelli 12, 00186 Roma

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